Tail Wind Energy Drink

A recent discovery, Tail Wind Energy drink definitely makes taking on enough calories easier. When my stomach, mouth and teeth have had enough of sweet gels, the tail wind power makes a great drink …… full review coming soon

GU Gels

I am lucky and seem to be able to stomach any energy gels but these from Gu are my favourite and give me a steady flow of energy. Salted Caramel with caffeine is the best, closely followed by Strawberry Banana ….. full review coming soon

SiS GO Hydro Electrolyte Effervescent Tablets 

Too much information but I sweat a fair amount when it heats up so one of these popped in a 500ml water bottle keeps everything in sync…… full review coming soon

GU Chews

By now you can tell I like Gu products. The best thing about the chews is that 1 eaten every mile will easily distract my tired brain for 8 miles …… full review coming soon

GU Stroop Energy Wafel

When I need something of a little more substance the energy wafel from Gu is great. Super light and plenty of calories…… full review coming soon

S Caps Salt Tablets

The NDW100 was the first time I tried salt tablets (I know, never try anything new on race day!). They worked a treat, kept my salt levels in balance and didn’t cause any GI issues…… full review coming soon

Cliff Bar Energy Bar

Clif energy bars provide a sustainable snack, nearly 200 calories, and come in a huge range of flavors …… full review coming soon

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